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I trust SunPower, and I am glad to be important for Solara Solar, an Authorized SunPower Dealer. With 35 Years of Experience, SunPower keeps on delivering record-breaking sun based innovation. Besides, SunPower Panels will deliver more control throughout a more drawn out timeframe. Living in a little local area, who you work with does matter, and I can unhesitatingly help individuals and know, the brands behind me, will do their part and give a quality item, upheld by extraordinary assistance.

SunPower doesn’t have 4 separate guarantees like different suppliers (Inverters, Panels, Lease Company, and installer Warranty)
1 Warranty that gives more security, the creation of the sunlight based and everything is covered for a long time.

CT Solar Solutions is a Proud Partner of Solara Solar an Authorized SUNPOWER Dealer-All Rights Reserved. All Solar Systems are introduced and supported by SUNPOWER Corporate. Joshua Cardoza(CT-HIS-0562071) is a District Manager for Solara Solar.

What Our Customers Have to Say

It’s been a pleasure working with this professional person. Josh thanks for all your hard work and dedication to my family and in representing your great company.
Mike Ross
Everyone I work with on his project was excellent to work with and Josh did a fine job of helping me out getting this project done thank you very much
Mary Williams
Josh was well knowledged and great to work with he listened and answered our questions, made it a no brainer to go with the solar power team he’s on! Thanks Josh !
Chris White

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