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I trust SunPower, and I am glad to be important for Ascend-Solar, an Authorized SunPower Dealer. With 35 Years of Experience, SunPower keeps on delivering record-breaking sun based innovation. Besides, SunPower Panels will deliver more control throughout a more drawn out timeframe. Living in a little local area, who you work with does matter, and I can unhesitatingly help individuals and know, the brands behind me, will do their part and give a quality item, upheld by extraordinary assistance.

SunPower doesn’t have 4 separate guarantees like different suppliers (Inverters, Panels, Lease Company, and installer Warranty)
1 Warranty that gives more security, the creation of the sunlight based and everything is covered for a long time.

CT Solar Solutions is a Proud Partner of ASCEND-SOLAR an Authorized SUNPOWER Dealer-All Rights Reserved. All Solar Systems are introduced and supported by SUNPOWER Corporate. Joshua Cardoza(CT-HIS-0562071) is a District Manager for Ascend Solar

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